Technical Review Results in 25% Premium Saving

The Business Situation:

The client, an award-winning courier service provider. Engaging in national and international business whilst running a fleet of varying vehicle sizes including a range of
vans, trucks, and lorries.

In the six years prior to seeking the services of the RHA Insurance Services the client had seen a large increase in the premium being submitted at renewal by the
incumbent broker. The continual premium increases and issues arising from service led to the client experiencing feelings of frustration.

The Solution:

One of the first steps to solving the issue of the premium increase was for the client to seek the services of a new insurance broker. Initially, our team was approached to review the following cover types:

  • Commercial Motor
  • Liability
  • Goods in Transit.

As standard, the team conducted a full technical review of the client’s insurance programme, listened to their concerns regarding their existing service provider and made a
series of recommendations. Outlining the additional benefits that we could provide, within premium and at no additional cost.

The team provided the client with a lower premium and a fully comprehensive insurance programme. Additional benefits included quarterly review meetings to discuss
items such as claims frequency and severity.

The implementation of an extensive risk management programme to help improve driver behaviour and to mitigate further risk towards
the business.

Our positive attitude towards risk management provided the client with immediate peace of mind. We feel it is part of our duty to our clients to be as invested as they
are in educating employees about the impact of issues such as driver behaviour. This joined-up approach often results in lower incident rates and therefore lower premiums for the business.

Key Facts and Benefits:

  • Access to risk management support, guidance and advice on how to reduce claim frequency
  • Dedicated in-house claims team
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • 25% premium saving.

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Working with the clients to drive down insurance premiums

The Business Situation:

Our client, a leading Asbestos Removal Company, running a nationwide enterprise from its Dorset base had been with their existing broker for over 4 years. Following a series of insurable losses during the previous 12 month period, the client was in a distressed state and had limited time until renewal.

After seeking advice from ACAD, the services of Direct Insurance Corporate Risks were recommended due to our long-standing partnership with the association. The client approached our team to undertake a full technical review of their current insurance program. A free of charge service that we offer to both existing and potential customers.

The Solution:

During a technical review, a member of our Business Development Team will visit the company premises, conduct a full review of the insurance program, undertake a risk assessment and provide a full report of their findings.

Once the review is completed and based upon the wishes of the client the team will perform a full market review exercise. Attaining the most competitive premium and comprehensive coverage available for the business.

Upon completion of the technical review at the Dorset premises, our Account Executive was able to approach the market and secure a premium saving for the client, much lower than the existing broker. As well as a premium saving the client also benefited from an improved insurance program where additional covers were recommended by the team.

Insurance is an important investment in the future of your business. It provides you with financial peace of mind if an unfortunate event were to occur. If it has been some time since you last reviewed your policies, it may be time to speak with an insurance specialist, who can help you to update your insurance plan.

The Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Presented the client with a clear insurance program
  • Premium savings achieved
  • Dedicated in house claims team
  • Improved service delivery

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Additional Coverage Secured for Telecommunications Engineer

The Business Situation

A large Telecommunications Engineer, recently approached our team to assess the level of insurance coverage in place and to conduct a thorough risk assessment of their commercial property.

The previous calendar year had seen the business suffer several substantial losses and a series of break-ins to the property. Having suffered a poor claims experience prior to renewal, the client found that the premium had substantially increased and that theft was now subsequently excluded from the policy.

The Solution:

Having discussed the client’s current situation it became clear that without swift intervention the client would become uninsurable. Our Account Executive carried out a thorough risk assessment and reached the following outcomes;

  1. Identified several key risk factors
  2. Educated the client on a variety of methods to manage these risk factors
  3. Suggested regular review meetings to measure the initial outcome of the assessment, and to identify any emerging risks going forward i.e. problematic drivers on the fleet insurance

Upon completion of the assessment our Account Executive was able to approach the market and secure revised terms and conditions for the client to include theft coverage subject to an increased excess.

Our next step was to improve the poor Fleet claims experience of the business. Firstly we needed to address poor driver behaviour as the majority of claims were within this area. To tackle this we arranged for installation of forward facing cameras across the fleet. This should deliver a positive outcome and see a clear reduction in claims over the policy period.

We have also provided the client with access to our online risk management portal where they can find advice, training, compliance and much more information on a wide range of risk and business management issues. This includes documents to help them manage business processes, such as driver handbooks, employee handbooks and business continuity plan.

As the commercial insurance space hardens it is paramount that we are able to listen to, understand and educate our clients on effective risk mitigation strategies. Adopting this approach for our clients lowers the risk of a claim and in turn keeps the client happy by delivering a lower premium.

The Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Additional coverage secured
  • Risk mitigation strategies set in place
  • Dedicated in house claims team

Specialist Risk Management Approach Leads to Premium Saving

The Business Situation:

Our client is a leading Waste Management facility, servicing London-based, Hertfordshire and Home Counties waste management and local authority collectors.

The facility operates a source segregated process, handling predominately dry commercial waste. Following its first year of trading, the client experienced considerable growth and have forecasted continued growth into the next financial year.

The client initially approached Direct Insurance Corporate Risks due to our specialist knowledge and understanding of the sector. Our Lloyd’s division, Direct Insurance London Market operates exclusive Recycling & Waste Management facilities covering the following classes – property, business interruption, employer’s liability, public liability, plant and motor fleet.

The Solution:

Direct Insurance Corporate Risks operates a unique risk management process and approach to all new business risks. Our Account Executives met with the client at their business site to undertake a thorough technical review of all existing insurance coverage and a risk assessment of the facility.

During the risk assessment process, several instances of breach of warranty were identified which would have rendered sections of the clients existing insurance cover invalid. It is paramount when working with clients, that insurance coverage and any applicable warranties are carefully explained. Ensuring that processes meet the expected standard stipulated within the policy wording.

Our Account Executive quickly advised the client whilst on site as to what they should do to remedy the breach of warranties and this led to the client immediately transferring cover from their existing broker to Direct Insurance Corporate Risks.

The combination of our unique risk management process, ability to understand the client’s requirements and extensive knowledge of this sector allowed our team to obtain rate reductions on both the material damage and liability covers, saving the client a significant amount of money on their renewal premium (circa 30% on their existing liability cover), which they were able to invest in the business in other areas.

The Key Facts & Benefits:

  • 30% premium saving on their liability cover
  • Full risk assessment – leading to breached warranties being rectified
  • Commitment to finding solutions to operational storage issues
  • Enhanced coverage
  • Dedicated in house claims team

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