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Motor Fleet Risk Management

Managing a motor fleet is exhausting work. Whether your business’ fleet consists of five or 500 vehicles, gathering them all together and managing their collective risk can feel like an endless exercise in futility. While addressing one specific risk, more different risks can pop up, demanding your attention. Instead of addressing risks as they develop and playing catch up, invest in motor fleet risk management strategies to stop problems before they appear.

Managing Risk

Risk management is a pre-emptive strategy aimed at analysing risks and implementing processes to reduce or eliminate them. A concerted risk management effort comes with many benefits, such as reducing business disruption and protecting your employees.

Although the process will vary slightly according to your needs, the five basic steps for analysing your business’ risks, listed below, should be the bedrock of any organisation’s risk management programme:

  1. Identify the hazards.
  2. Determine who might be harmed and how.
  3. Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions.
  4. Record your findings and implement a plan of action.
  5. Monitor and review the plan.

Following these steps can help you isolate and eliminate your business’ biggest risks.

Pricing Motor Fleet Policies

If you purchase a motor fleet insurance policy for your business, be aware that your premiums will be highly dependent on your business’ past claims experience. But an unfavourable claims history does not necessarily preclude a favourable and affordable motor fleet insurance policy—good risk management can translate to vastly improved policy terms.

Analysing Claims and Accidents

As part of an effective motor fleet risk management strategy, investigating your business’ past accidents can slash claims costs. Start by analysing the conditions that led to your business’ past accidents and any preventive measures taken to reduce them. Did they work? If not, consider new accident-reduction programmes.

Rely on your insurer to supply the past accident data that will serve as the foundation of your analysis. A typical claims and accident analysis should include the following information:

  • Accident circumstances such as day, date, time and location
  • Vehicle(s) involved
  • Driver(s) involved
  • Claim types
  • Cost analysis

Surveying Your Fleet

Some motor fleet insurers employ specialist fleet surveyors tasked with performing a more in-depth analysis that identifies significant problem areas and provides recommendations.

Insurers will sometimes provide surveys for free under the condition that the insured complies with the survey’s findings. Any resources the insurer expends on free surveys are expected to be recouped via the insured’s survey-compliant improvements and subsequent reduction in claim costs.

Because fleet surveys are more extensive and detailed, business owner and manager investment is central to success. Unless owners and managers are ready to support improvement initiatives spurred by the survey’s findings, the fleet survey will probably not achieve all of its objectives and will likely leave some risks unexamined.

Controlling Your Risks

Use the results from your internal analysis or external fleet survey to streamline processes and promote a positive health and safety culture. Apply the recommendations to your business’ management controls such as managerial structure, general processes and drivers’ handbook. Typical management controls which dictate how your fleet runs include the following:

  • Working hours policy: Consider the maximum number of driving hours, breaks and times of the day when driving should take place.
  • Working conditions: Interview drivers to figure out what practices need changing.
  • Route and workload planning: Study whether there are more efficient ways to allocate assignments and chart routes.
  • Mobile telephone policy: Enforce a mobile policy that complies with the law and stresses driver safety.
  • Safety equipment: Establish clear rules for using safety equipment such as seat belts, first-aid kits and fire extinguishers.
  • Vehicle controls: Adopt a ‘clean car’ policy which prohibits leaving any valuables in view and dictates that drivers can only park in secure places.
  • Responsibility for vehicles: Assign specific vehicles to drivers who are responsible for their condition.
  • ‘How’s my driving?’ schemes: Some businesses include stickers on their vehicles encouraging members of the public to call in with complaints or compliments, encouraging drivers to drive more carefully.

Reining in Your Risk

Reining in your business’ motor fleet and driver risks can feel like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand—no matter what you do, some risks slip through the cracks. Trust the insurance professionals at RHA Insurance Services to help you create an effective motor fleet risk management strategy and find you the perfect insurance policy that comprehensively covers all your needs. Call us at 0203 960 2944 to start bolstering your business today or visit www.rhainsuranceservices.uk.net to learn more about our tailored insurance schemes

Technical Review Results in 25% Premium Saving

The Business Situation:

The client, an award-winning courier service provider. Engaging in national and international business whilst running a fleet of varying vehicle sizes including a range of
vans, trucks, and lorries.

In the six years prior to seeking the services of the RHA Insurance Services the client had seen a large increase in the premium being submitted at renewal by the
incumbent broker. The continual premium increases and issues arising from service led to the client experiencing feelings of frustration.

The Solution:

One of the first steps to solving the issue of the premium increase was for the client to seek the services of a new insurance broker. Initially, our team was approached to review the following cover types:

  • Commercial Motor
  • Liability
  • Goods in Transit.

As standard, the team conducted a full technical review of the client’s insurance programme, listened to their concerns regarding their existing service provider and made a
series of recommendations. Outlining the additional benefits that we could provide, within premium and at no additional cost.

The team provided the client with a lower premium and a fully comprehensive insurance programme. Additional benefits included quarterly review meetings to discuss
items such as claims frequency and severity.

The implementation of an extensive risk management programme to help improve driver behaviour and to mitigate further risk towards
the business.

Our positive attitude towards risk management provided the client with immediate peace of mind. We feel it is part of our duty to our clients to be as invested as they
are in educating employees about the impact of issues such as driver behaviour. This joined-up approach often results in lower incident rates and therefore lower premiums for the business.

Key Facts and Benefits:

  •  Access to risk management support, guidance and advice on how to reduce claim frequency
  • Dedicated in-house claims team
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • 25% premium saving.

Get in Touch;

If you’d like to take advantage of all of these great benefits or to get a no obligation quote simply get in touch with the team today. Call us at 0203 960 2944 or visit www.rhainsuranceservices.uk.net to start securing your future today.

Efficiencies and savings for London-based ELV and nuisance vehicle specialist

The Business Situation:

A leading End of Life Vehicle (ELV) and nuisance vehicle contractor, operating across 26 local authorities in and around the London area required a thorough technical review of their existing insurance coverage.

The company had been with their existing broker for over 25 years and had recently experienced an increase in claims frequency. After feeling unsupported by their current broker, due to a lack of communication, and support with risk management and steady premium increases they felt a new approach was necessary.

The client had been in discussions with an existing customer of the RHA Insurance Services regarding their insurance coverage and our team came highly recommended.
Our service-driven approach, extensive risk assessment capabilities and cost effectiveness were all highlighted by our existing client as reasons to work with the RHA Insurance Services team.

The Solution:

The client invited the RHA Insurance Services to review and quote for their insurance portfolio with a particular focus on motor fleet insurance.

The customer operates within a highly regulated environment and must adhere to stringent guidelines, so it is paramount that the correct level of coverage is in place. In
accordance with our standard work practices the team carried out a full technical review of all cover types to assess any potential gaps in cover. A thorough risk assessment was also undertaken before any recommendations were made to the client.

Following a full portfolio review our team made the following recommendations:

  • enhanced coverage for their plant and
    machinery requirements
  • monthly claim reviews
  • access to our in-house claims team, and the team were able to achieve a significant cost saving on premium.

The combination of our unique access to the market and our award-winning services saved the client time, resources, and produced tangible premium savings of around 20%.

The Key Facts and Benefits;

● £120,000 premium saving
● 3-year long-term agreement
● Enhanced coverage
● Dedicated in house claims team.

Get in Touch;

If you’d like to take advantage of all of these great benefits or to get a no obligation quote simply get in touch with the team today. Call us at 0203 960 2944 or visit www.rhainsuranceservices.uk.net to start securing your future today.